Bunn Fabrication & Design
Providing services for custom fabrication, construction, and renovation projects.

Bunn Fabrication and Design  has the ability and experience in a variety of material fabrication including steel, copper, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, tile, glass, fiberglass, and wood. 

Scott Bunn 2006
Railing, Gates & Staircases
Tree House
Custom Homes
Home Features
Custom Metal & Blacksmithing
Cars, Boats & Trailers
About our Organization: Scott Bunn began building things as a small child.  "If it were not for Lego's and Lincoln Logs, I may not be doing what I am today.  When I was twelve, I began learning the trade of home building with my  father as we built our home in Charleston SC.  Later we developed Bunn Construction and Landscaping in the Golden Corner of SC, where we continue to build custom eco-friendly homes. 
As a junior and senior in high school, I built a '55 Ford F-100 pickup using a Ford truck body and a Camero undercarriage.  My father introduced the skills of welding, body work, and painting to get me started.  This was a fantastic high school project and an inspiration to learn more about metal work. 
While attending Clemson University and achieving a bachelors in Business Management, I opened Bunn Fabrication and Design as a materials fabrication company with a focus on sustainability and functionality. 

After graduating from Clemson, I turned my home and property into the Treehouse Sustainable Arts and Living Project, where we are transforming a home that I had built while in college, into a sustainable community, using the power of the Earth, the Sun, and the Spirit of all individuals Involved.  This is where my fiance and I currently live and work, creating community with a few other sustainable minded individuals.  Here we combine building and fabricating with other sustainable arts such as farming, gardening, animal husbandry, fine arts, and culinary arts.    

Through many great connections and finding people who wish to improve our homes and communities, we have formed a network of Tenders of the Earth. Feel fee to get involved if you share the same values."